Success in any sphere demands successful words.

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One of the greatest challenges facing people in positions of responsibility is effectively speaking to groups. Very few high schools or colleges require “speech classes,” and yet, somehow, one is supposed to know the techniques of effective presentation.

Within an organization, you may present to coworkers, direct reports, or even the board.

In addition, the greater your organizational responsibility, the more likely it is that you will be called upon to be the public face of your organization. Speaking to groups of clients, to Rotarians or faith-based groups, to potential donors, to groups of students: these and many other speaking obligations face a successful executive.

Effective presentation is not a gift possessed by the few, but a skill set attainable by all. Successful Words is here to help you learn the characteristics of an effective presentation, and how to prepare one, from first accepting an assignment or invitation through writing and delivery. You will learn how to use your body and your voice to their peak potential.

Hands-on services: speech and PowerPoint writing and editing.

Coaching services: in-house seminars on effective presentation, and individual assessment and coaching.

Comments from seminar participants: “The presenter had the 12 necessary tools for a great presentation!” “Concise, common sense directions on how to draft a presentation.”

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